March 24 2020
Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK we’ve put in place several measures to protect all o...


November 15 2019
So... We all know that a high-protein diet is great for increasing muscle growth and aiding tiss...

New Jim Buddy Pronuts!

August 16 2019
New and here to stay! Jim Buddy's USA Protein Donuts have landed in the UK to replace the previou...

Beaver Protein Bars by Muscle Moose!

July 17 2019
The Muscle Moose Beaver Protein Bar is here! Unwrap TWO – that’s right – TWO fingers of high pro...

TIME TO PARTY! PhD Nutrition Birthday Cake Bars!

May 14 2019
Have your cake and eat it, well... protein cake! The NEW PhD Nutrition SMART Birthday Cake Prot...

MINT TO BE! Barebells Dark Chocolate Mint Protein Bar!

May 6 2019
We present you... the brand new Barebells Dark Chocolate Mint Protein Bar! A mouth-watering, mi...

LIMITED EDITION Peanut Butter Snickers Protein Bar

January 24 2019
The latest addition to the Protein by Mars range is here... This Limited Edition Peanut Butter S...

NEW Grenade Carb Killa Protein Biscuits are here!

December 14 2018
Dunk it, munch it, snap it? How will you eat your Grenade Carb Killa Protein Biscuits? These brand new Protein Biscuits do exactly what it says on the tin (no pun intended).

NEW Optimum Nutrition Whipped Bites

September 18 2018
After the huge success of Optimum Nutrition's Whipped Bites UK release they have just announced t...

NEW! Nuts N' More Protein Peanut Butter Spreads!

July 9 2018
You guys have been requesting loads of products recently and these have come up a lot! So guess...

NEW Bounty and Snickers Hi-Protein Flapjacks - Protein By Mars

May 14 2018
Be one of the first to try the brand NEW Bounty and Snickers Hi-Protein Flapjack bars which is a...

PhD Nutrition Protein SMART Jack range now available!

April 14 2018
These high protein flapjacks are a must try! PhD Nutrition really has created a great high protei...

Muscle Moose Protein Mountain Chips Now Available!

February 9 2018
Muscle Moose Mountain Chips are now available at Protein Package! With two protein packed flavours BBQ and Sweet Chilli, they're certainly not to be missed! 

Sinister Labs SINFIT Bars Coming Soon!

December 21 2017
We just got sent some samples of the new SINFIT bar range from the great team over at Sinister La...

Welcome to the Protein Package Blog!

October 19 2017
Hi Guys, You can keep up to date with us via this page as we will regularly updating it with upc...