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New NOCCO Peachy Flavour (Juicy Melba)

New NOCCO Summer Flavour

Summer is just around the corner now and there's no better way to celebrate than with an all-new ...
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Grenade x Oreo Collaboration Official Protein Bar Launch

Grenade Oreo Protein Bar Launches

When Mondelēz acquired a significant majority interest in Grenade back in March 2021, we were con...
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Protein Package 2022 Price Increase Update - Supplements and Healthy Snacks

Price Increase Update

Hey folks, I’m George Greenhill, the founder of Protein Package with an important business update...
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Best Equipment Must-Haves For Your Home Gym Workouts

Top Three Pieces of Equipment for your Home Gym

So you're in the market for some equipment to get your home gym started, but you’re unsure where ...
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The main benefits of a high-protein intake and healthy diet

The Benefits Of A High Protein Intake

A lot of the healthy products which we stock are high in protein, after all, we are called Protei...
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Healthy Office Snack Suppliers UK

Supplying Healthy Office Snacks

Protein Package is now proudly supplying healthy office snacks to Energized Customs where you can...
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The Best Reusable Bottles For The Gym, Working Out and Running

The Best Reusable Bottles For The Gym

Proud supplier to Team GB during the Tokyo Olympics, OneGreenBottle are helping sportspeople nati...
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What is Cream of Rice? And is it healthy?

What Is Cream Of Rice?

The landscape of the health food and supplement industry is always evolving and never stationary....
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How to fix a clumpy pre-workout powder

Why Is My Pre-Workout Clumpy? And How To Fix It

So the pre-workout you’ve been eagerly awaiting has just arrived, you’ve unscrewed the lid, the s...
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Behind the scenes at Oatein - The British brand with a big dream to bring delicious oaty, protein-rich goodness to athletes and those looking for a healthy alternative

Behind The Brand: Oatein

Oatein is a British brand with a big dream to bring delicious oaty, high-protein goodness to heal...
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Behind The Brand Series - Behind The Scenes Of Supplement And Healthy Food Brands - Protein Package

Behind The Brand: Introduction

We're excited to finally announce Protein Package's new series that's launching in August 2021 ca...
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Snickers Crisp Low-Fat Protein Bars UK - Pick and Mix Snickers

Get Crispy With Snickers Healthy Protein Bars

Get some crisp with Snickers Protein's new flavour spin-off packed with crispies, caramel, chocol...
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Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts (Pro-Donuts) - Now called WOW! Protein Donuts

Protein Donuts Have Evolved

After a year or so away from the UK market, Jim Buddy's Low-Calorie Protein Donuts have returned ...
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Christmas Fit-Gift Guide 2021

Giving the perfect gift this time of year to someone who doesn't want endless boxes of chocolate ...
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Protein Package's COVID-19 Update Blog Page - Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK we’ve put in place several measures to protect all o...
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Seven non-fitness related benefits of protein on the human body

Seven Non-Fitness Related Benefits Of Protein

So... We all know that a high-protein diet is great for increasing muscle growth and aiding tissu...
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Time to party with PhD Nutrition's Birthday Cake Protein Bars UK

Time To Party With PhD Birthday Cake

Have your cake and eat it, well, protein cake! PhD Nutrition's Smart Birthday Cake Protein Bars c...
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It's Mint to be! Barebells Healthy Mint Chocolate Protein Bars are now online

It's Mint To Be With Chocolate Mint Barebells

We proudly present you... the brand new Barebells Dark Chocolate Mint Protein Bar! A mouth-wateri...
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Limited Edition Snickers Peanut Butter Protein Bars - Get Some Nuts

Limited Edition Peanut Butter Snickers Protein Bar

The latest addition to the Protein by Mars range has just landed. This Limited Edition Peanut But...
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Grenade Protein Biscuits - Bring a Cuppa - Protein Package UK

Grenade Biscuits - Does What The Tin Says

Dunk it, munch it or snap it? How will you devour your Grenade Carb Killa Biscuits? The brand new...
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Nuts N' More High Protein Spreads in the UK - Protein Package Limited

Nut Butter And More From The USA

You awesome folks have been requesting loads of great products recently and these have certainly ...
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Snickers and Bounty Protein Flapjack Bars UK - Cheap Chocolate Protein

Coconut and Peanut Hi-Protein Flapjacks

Over the past few years, we've become accustomed to healthy protein bars by all your favourite co...
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Mountain Chips by Muscle Moose (UK) - Sweet Chilli and BBQ flavour

Muscle Moose Has Peaked

Muscle Moose has really reached the pinnacle of healthy snacking with their Low-Calorie Protein M...
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Welcome to Protein Package's Official Blog - Stay tuned for updates, brand collaborations, giveaways and more

Welcome To The Protein Package Blog

Hello guys, Welcome to Protein Package's official blog! From here you'll be able to stay in the k...
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