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Nuts N' More High Protein Spreads in the UK - Protein Package Limited

You awesome folks have been requesting loads of great products recently and these have certainly cropped up a fair bit! So guess what? We thought we'd import the whole Nuts 'N More Protein Spread range from the USA. Exactly as it says on the jar, Nuts 'N More produce great nut butters but with more nutritional value.

Always remember that not all nut butter is created equal, each jar holds 454-grams of delicious flavoured spread equating to 14 servings.

Nuts N More Low Fat Healthy Protein Spreads UK

Loaded with 11-grams of whey-based protein in each serving, there are only 10-grams of healthy fats that aren't saturated.

All the range is both gluten and GMO-free and a select few are now vegan-friendly so that everyone can munch through a tub of their choice.

Put this mouthwatering macro-friendly spread on your favourite fruits, sandwiches or devour it right out of the jar - whatever floats your peanut butter boat.

Example ingredient list from the Birthday Cake flavour: Peanuts, Whey Protein Isolate, Organic Flax, Natural Sweetener (Birch Xylitol) and Natural Extract. Ingredients may vary between different flavours.

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