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Full Boxes

Don't have time to pick and mix? You can now quickly order full boxes of bars, cookies and much more right here. These products are already discounted; if you'd like to mix and match all our products individually click here.

30% Off
Grenade White Chocolate Oreo Protein Bars - 12 Pack of Grenade White Oreo

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)

18% Off
Lenny & Larry's Birthday Cake Complete Cookie Box (12 Cookies), Protein Cookies, Lenny & Larry's, Protein Package Protein Package Pick and Mix Protein UK

Lenny & Larry's Complete Protein Cookie Box (12 Cookies)

51% Off
Go Fitness Strawberry Protein Pancakes - 12x50g Boxes

Go Fitness Protein Pancake Box (12 Pancakes)

44% Off
Mountain Joe's Chocolate Candy Cream Protein Bars - 12x55g Boxes

Mountain Joe's Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)

29% Off
Jaffa Bake Battle Bites Protein Bar Bites - 12x62g Boxes - Protein Package

Battle Snacks Protein Battle Bites Box (12 Bars)

36% Off
Banana Flavoured UFIT Protein Shakes - 10 Pack

UFIT Protein Shake Box (10 Bottles)

25% Off
Snickers White Chocolate Low Sugar Hi-Protein Bars - 12 Pack

Snickers Hi-Protein Low Sugar Bar Box (12 Bars)

37% Off
Quest Nutrition USA Chili and Lime Protein Tortilla Chips Box

Quest Nutrition Protein Chips Box (8 Packets)

32% Off
M&M's Hi-Protein Bar Box (12 Bars), Protein Bars, M&M's, Protein Package Protein Package Pick and Mix Protein UK

M&M's Hi-Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)

23% Off
Prime Strawberry Watermelon Hydration Drinks - 12 Pack Bottles - UK - Protein Package

Prime Hydration Drinks Box (12 Bottles)

25% Off
Cherry Slush Alani Nu Energy Drinks 12x355ml

Alani Nu Low Calorie Energy Drink Box (12 Cans)

17% Off
Skinny Bakery Victoria Sponge Low-Calorie Pearls - x5 Packs

Skinny Bakery Low Calorie Pearl Cake Box (30 Cakes)

29% Off
Boxes of Smoothie Chews by Tweek Sweets UK - Imported from Sweden - Protein Package -Berry & Tropical Flavours

Tweek Sweets Low Calorie Candy Box (12 Bags)

32% Off
Mars Hi-Protein Bar Box (12 Bars), Protein Bars, Mars, Protein Package Protein Package Pick and Mix Protein UK

Mars Hi-Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)

22% Off
Original Salted Pork Puffs by The Curators - 12 Pack

The Curators Protein Pork Puffs Box (12 Packets)

32% Off
Snickers Crisp Low-Calorie Hi-Protein Bars (Boxes of 12x55-Grams) - Best Chocolate Crisp Flavoured Bars UK

Snickers Hi-Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)

23% Off
NOCCO Ramonade Focus Energy Drinks - 12 Packs - Protein Package UK (12x330ml)

NOCCO Focus Energy Drinks Box (12 Cans)