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Great service, quick delivery. Would use again

Very fast, great service.

Great service can definitely recommend as a retailer. Slight problem with Hermes re delivery, handlers exceedingly well and efficiently by protein package very very pleased. Will be back for more.

Callowfit Low Calorie Sauce
Jake P. (United Kingdom)

I placed an order for 1-2 days delivery and paid extra for this and instead received my order 4 days later.

Got my order wrong

I ordered the 600g but got the 300g

Got my order wrong

I ordered the 600g ON creatine I got 300g instead. I paid double the money for the 300g

Warrior Crunch Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)
Anonymous (United Kingdom)
Very tasty, would recommend

The banoffee flavour is really nice, haven't tried the others yet though but will soon in my pick and mix

No Cow Vegan Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)
Annamaria (United Kingdom)
Highly recommended

In general, I don’t like protein bars, they taste artificial and hardly to digest. I have tried no cows protein bar, peanut butter, and I have to say the taste is not bad and can digest them easily…incredible! If you have a delicate stomach, those are for you. I will purchase again! I have finally found my favourite protein bars!!! Yeahhh 🙌

Warrior Crunch Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)
Wyona M. (United Kingdom)
Helpful Customer Service :)

I purchased 2 boxes of the Warrior Crunch Protein Bars. I had a couple of issues with my order around delivery and a missing item. However, these frustrations were completely offset by the companies quick and helpful customer service. I would recommend and will order again myself!


Very lemony and authentic, without being artificial really enjoyed this

Really yummy

I really enjoyed this, nice and soft, full of flavour, excellent macros!

No Cow Vegan Protein Bars
Charlotte R. (United Kingdom)

It was okay, not much to it really. Very vanilla in flavour, a bit soft and sticky, with the occasional sprinkle. Nice enough but have had better

Best spread ever

Tastiest spread ever. Makes my porridge much more exciting. Fast and quality delivery by Protein Package as always.

Great stuff


Very good product tastes great light on the stomach. I’m impressed

RXBAR Protein Bar Blueberry
Elena S.M. (Spain)
Love it

Love it

Snickers Hi-Protein Bar White Chocolate
Justin G. (United States)

It's delicious!


the flavour and the texture are amazing, a bit high on the calories but totally worth it

Mountain Joe's Protein Millionaire Chocolate Caramel

Very tasty

Really nice, taste great will definitely be ordering more

Still haven't received products yet

Great product.

Great taste, refreshing and not gummy tasting like most energy or performance products

Best cookie you have

For all gingerbread loves who enjoy cookies this is the ultimate cookie regarding taste and texture.

Callowfit Low Calorie Sauce
Sarah D. (United Kingdom)

Perfect for my cold/warm coffee