Protein Donuts Have Evolved

Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts (Pro-Donuts) - Now called WOW! Protein Donuts

After a year or so away from the UK market, Jim Buddy's Low-Calorie Protein Donuts have returned after undergoing a cool new rebrand and reformulation. Please welcome to the stage - WOW! Donuts.

Now produced in Utah instead of London, they've also refined the low-calorie recipe to keep the same great taste but further enhance the nutritional profile of their range.

We like to refer to WOW's range as Pronuts (Protein + Donuts) due to each 'hole' doughnut being just 120 calories and bearing over 11-grams of whey protein to improve muscle recovery and synthesis.

Healthy Low Carb Doughnuts by WOW! Donuts UK 66-Gram

A must-try for any donut lover, you can now select from two delicious flavours: Chocolate and Cake Batter. A pretty hard choice, right? We'd agree, so you may as well pick and mix them both!

What does WOW Donuts have to say?

Created by fitness enthusiast and London personal trainer Tom Neal, WOW! Donuts are the first high protein, low-calorie donut baked to help people lead a happier, healthier, stronger, and more productive lifestyle. (WOW! Donuts, 2021)

The Milk Chocolate flavour has just 10-grams of net carbs and Cake Batter has 13-grams respectfully. But how do you actually calculate 'net carbs'? Luckily, WOW has created a simple calculation to explain it. Their Chocolate Protein Donut has 18-grams of total carbs - 2-grams of fibre - 6-grams of erythritol = 10-grams of total net carbs. What are you still here for? You 'donut' want to miss out on these delicious 'hole' foods.

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