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Behind The Brand Series - Behind The Scenes Of Supplement And Healthy Food Brands - Protein Package

We're excited to finally announce Protein Package's new series that's launching in August 2021 called 'Behind The Brand'.

During series episodes, we'll be delving deep into the background of the best healthy snack and supplement brands from around the globe, meet the entrepreneurs and dedicated people behind these companies and explore their future visions.

Within the industry, other than features in mainstream publications, there are few opportunities to share brand stories and strengthen human connections. Behind The Brand (or 'BTB') will change this, allowing innovative businesses, both small and large, to discuss what brings their products to life, the biggest hurdles they faced and see how the brand was born.

Being granted behind the scenes access allows us to offer unique insights and personal anecdotes from market leaders like Oatein's founders Andy Dixon and John-Paul Gardner. The partners from the North East recently appeared on BBC's popular business TV show Dragon's Den gaining potential investment from established businessman Peter Jones.

Dragon's Den Pitch by Oatein Limited - Healthy Protein Oat Snacks

For those considering starting a business of their own, BTB is like getting a backstage pass inside the minds of accomplished inspirational creatives already in the market. You'll be able to pick up tips on growth strategies, get funding information and expert first-hand advice.

'Our philosophy has always been and will always be, honesty, transparency and direct contact with our customers.' (Piet Driessen, CEO of Callowfit)

Corporate transparency when it comes to nutritional supplements is key to providing consumers with the power to make informed decisions with reliable and accurate information. Get full disclosure of ingredient sourcing, nutritional facts, environmental sustainability and policies to see if your values align with the brands you purchase from.

Seeing the faces inside the business allows you to get to know the companies and humanise them. You’ll begin to build relationships and develop trust as you learn more about the brilliant teams creating their high-quality nutrition ranges.

Behind The Brand episodes will envelop the full spectrum of business activities from product incubation to constructing positive work cultures so that you can uncover how they apply their distinctive twist on things to stand out from the competition online and on the shelves.

There are so many interesting brands and inspiring people we're working with and we can't wait to share their stories with you. So, sit tight and stay tuned as we go behind the brands!

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