The Best Reusable Bottles For The Gym

The Best Reusable Bottles For The Gym, Working Out and Running

Proud supplier to Team GB during the Tokyo Olympics, OneGreenBottle are helping sportspeople nationwide to #DrinkResponsibly. Elite athlete or not, here’s their rundown of the best reusable bottles to keep you company while you're training in the gym and beyond.


If you’re breaking a sweat in the gym, the Evolution bottles are an essential bit of kit. They’re able to keep liquid cool for up to 24 hours, meaning you can have it sitting in your car or office all day, but you’ll still have a cold bottle of water ready when you arrive for your evening workout.

Best Reusable Gym Bottles For 2022

They also come in a wide range of sizes, there’s the standard 500ml size, the smaller 350ml if you’re only needing light refreshment or the 800ml if you’re putting in a big session.

The cap is free from potentially harmful chemicals such as BPS/BPA and is made from non-leaching polypropylene with a food-grade silicone air valve and seal. This means the bottle can be put through its paces over and over again (and so can you)!

Best of all, OneGreenBottle is now manufacturing their own sports caps using discarded fishing nets, so while you’re concentrating on your own wellbeing, we’re concentrating on that of the planet.


Small enough that they won’t weigh you down, durable enough to endure many hardcore sessions. The 350ml tough canteens can be thrown in your rucksack before you set out on the trails, and will withstand the roughest terrain.

Tough Canteen Bottles For Working Out

This small canteen’s 500ml big brother is your trackside companion. The classic sports cap with silicone straw makes it easy to gulp in a rush. Grab it and drop it between reps as you need to and show it the same abuse you’re showing your body! It will understand.


With an extra-wide mouth so it can be cleaned easily and an eco-friendly brush included to help you, that lingering smell of protein in shakers is finally a thing of the past. With measurements on the side of the bottle to help you with your ratios, the hard work finally ends when your workout does. 

Not only does the protein shaker work brilliantly for blending up tasty protein powders like PER4M Whey, but you can also use it for mixing pre-workouts and EAAs.

Sustainable Gym Protein Shaker Bottles


If you’re out all day and need that bigger capacity, or simply need to go from office to gym without refilling, this bottle has you covered. Available in 1 or 2 litre sizes, it will even keep you cool on the hottest of days, the glug caps and sports straw attachments are also available to help you hydrate quickly and easily without spillage.

Epic Bottle by OneGreenBottle

The Epic collection by OneGreenBottle is a firm favourite amongst sporty consumers. Athletes and gym-goers require reliability and comfort, and that's what OneGreenBottle gives them. Plus they look great and are friendly to the planet. What more could you ask for? Other than some extra energy to get through those last few reps...

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