Seven Non-Fitness Related Benefits Of Protein

Seven non-fitness related benefits of protein on the human body

So... We all know that a high-protein diet is great for increasing muscle growth and aiding tissue repair from exercise. But what other health benefits does protein have that aren't related to fitness?

Here are seven awesome non-fitness benefits of protein that you probably didn't know:

1. Healthier hair

Your hair is mostly made up of proteins, increasing your protein intake can lead to more hair growth and better hair quality by fortifying follicles.

2. Lower blood pressure

Studies suggest that increasing protein in your diet causes lower blood pressure by decreasing insulin production. This, in turn, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Better mental health

Protein contains essential amino acids which are key to keeping your brain functioning efficiently. Insufficient branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) intake can lead to low mood and even depression.

4. Longer nails

Obviously not a benefit for us all (and might mean more nail-biting). Like hair, nails are mostly made up of keratin (a hardened protein). Increased keratin leads to faster cell production, therefore, quicker and stronger nail growth.

5. Better skin

New research has discovered that foods rich in protein can improve skin complexion - a natural glow up!

6. Reduced sickness

Once again, those amino acids are at work! White blood cells are imperative to fight off unwanted bugs and bacteria. Low protein diets reduce the levels of amino acids in the body which white blood cells require to replicate.

7. More energy

The biggest health myth around is that carbohydrates provide you with all your energy. This is incorrect. Protein actually takes longer for your body to break down, this keeps you satiated for longer and provides energy over a longer period.

Non-Fitness Related Benefits Of Having A High Protein Diet

What now?

Balance is key to everything. Consuming a high protein diet with some protein supplementation will help you reach your fitness goals and provide the health benefits mentioned above.

You can easily increase your protein intake with powders, bars and other healthy high protein snacks. It's much easier now in 2021, especially with how good this stuff all tastes!

You might have also noticed from the article above how important amino acids are to improving your health, to supplement with them we advise giving BCAA's a try - they'll also naturally boost energy and endurance levels.

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