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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Well folks, that's a wrap for 2023 - we'll be back next year with more awesome deals. In the meantime, why not pick and mix your favourite healthy snacks and supplements for up to 15% off your whole order?


Protein Package's famous Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale is back for 2023, deals are time and stock limited.

31% Off
Mountain Joe's Protein Birthday Cake Low Sugar Bars UK - 10x60g

Mountain Joe's Protein Cake Box (10 Cakes)

19% Off
Hubba Bubba Clear Whey Protein Powder - Blue Raspberry Flavour - 405g Packs (15 Servings)

Hubba Bubba Clear Whey Protein Powder

35% Off
Grenade Whey Protein Powder - Fudged Up Flavour - 12 Servings (480g)

Grenade Whey Protein Powder 480g

27% Off
Mutant Strawberry Banana Muscle Mass Gainer Protein Powder - 6.8kg Bags

Mutant Muscle Mass Gainer Protein Powder 6.8kg

45% Off
Ghost Burn Non-Stimulant Thermogenic Supplement (Fat Burner) - Lemon Crush Flavour - 200g (40 Servings)

Ghost Lifestyle Burn Non-Stim Thermogenic Powder

25% Off
Snickers White Chocolate Low Sugar Hi-Protein Bars - 12 Pack

Snickers Hi-Protein Low Sugar Bar Box (12 Bars)

18% Off
Protein Package - PER4M Nutrition Hazelnut and White Chocolate Flavoured Whey

PER4M Advanced Whey Protein Powder 900g

27% Off
Boxes of Smoothie Chews by Tweek Sweets UK - Imported from Sweden - Protein Package -Berry & Tropical Flavours

Tweek Sweets Low Calorie Candy Box (12 Bags)

23% Off
Bang Energy Rainbow Unicorn UK Low Calorie Energy Drinks - Cheap Bang Energy Boxes of 12

Bang Energy Zero Calorie Energy Drink Box (12 Cans)

23% Off
Hubba Bubba Cola BCAA Amino Acids Supplement - 320g (32 Servings)

Hubba Bubba BCAA Powder

31% Off
Banana Flavoured UFIT Protein Shakes - 10 Pack

UFIT Protein Shake Box (10 Bottles)

30% Off
Grenade White Chocolate Oreo Protein Bars - 12 Pack of Grenade White Oreo

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)

32% Off
M&M's Hi-Protein Bar Box (12 Bars), Protein Bars, M&M's, Protein Package Protein Package Pick and Mix Protein UK

M&M's Hi-Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)

44% Off
Mountain Joe's Chocolate Candy Cream Protein Bars - 12x55g Boxes

Mountain Joe's Protein Bar Box (12 Bars)

7% Off
PER4M Cream of Rice Caramel Biscuit Flavour - 2kg Tubs (66 Servings)

PER4M Cream of Rice

20% Off
Prime Strawberry Watermelon Hydration Drinks - 12 Pack Bottles - UK - Protein Package

Prime Hydration Drinks Box (12 Bottles)

36% Off
Muscle Moose Big Protein Flapjack Box (12 Flapjacks), Protein Flapjacks, Muscle Moose, Protein Package Protein Package Pick and Mix Protein UK

Muscle Moose Big Protein Flapjack Box (12 Flapjacks)

29% Off
Grenade Pre Workout Berried Alive (Strawberry and Blueberry Flavour) - 20 Serving Packet - 330g

Grenade Pre Workout

23% Off
NOCCO Juicy Melba (Peach Flavoured) BCAA Energy Drink - 12 Pack - Summer 2023 Edition

NOCCO BCAA Energy Drinks Box (12 Cans)