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The Protein Package order will be shipped directly to you on your chosen subscription dispatch day.


Tuck into your favourite healthy snacks and supplements that arrived completely hassle-free.

At Protein Package, we believe subscription services should be entirely transparent and provide the customer complete control over modifications, adjustments and cancellations. There's no requirement to subscribe to any products, it's just here in case you regularly order the same items and want to save a bit of time. We've curated the following frequently asked questions to outline some of the key details about recurring subscriptions.

To cancel your subscription at anytime: login to your customer account portal, click 'subscriptions', select which subscription you'd like to cancel (if you have more than one) and then hit 'cancel subscription'. If you require any help to cancel or edit your subscription, feel free to contact us. Within your account, you will also have the ability to delay or skip your subscription if you prefer.

Sure thing, we give customers complete control over managing their subscriptions. Simply login to your subscription portal where you can change: delivery dates, delivery addresses, payment methods, flavours, sizes, order frequencies and quantities.

Only selected ranges and products are available on recurring subscriptions. Look out for the subscription widget on product pages which can be used to identify the qualifying ranges and brands.  

Absolutely! You can still mix and match all our products as normal and make one-off purchases whenever you feel like it without ever needing to subscribe to anything. It's just here if you order the same items regularly and want to save some time.

No, you'll earn the same discounts available to all customers when making one-off purchases from our pick and mix or full boxes. We don't think it's fair to push customers to subscribe to get the best value; subscriptions are just here if you want a completely hassle-free online experience and don't have time to pick and mix or shop online.  

Yes, that's no problem at all. As an added benefit, you'll also get the initial subscription shipping charge included for free as both the subscription and one-off products will be shipped together in a single package.

On the first order, you'll only ever be charged for shipping once as the products will be dispatched together. Thereafter, the cheapest available delivery option based on product weight will be applied to any recurring subscriptions.

We'll always endeavour to accommodate cancellations on the dispatch and charge day. However, if the subscription order has already been shipped, you're more than welcome to return the products like with a normal one-off purchase for a refund on the goods. We recommend cancelling at least 24 hours before your selected dispatch date to avoid an unwanted order being shipped.

If you require further assistance or require more information about subscriptions at Protein Package, please contact us.