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We understand that the thousands of different nutritional products and complex ingredient formulas can sometimes get confusing making it hard to determine what's best or which works around your lifestyle.


That's exactly what Protein Package's friendly team members are here to help with.


You can now book a completely FREE ten-minute one-to-one chat with our experts who've had years of experience within the industry to advise what the right products are for you and curate a tailored nutrition plan.


Request a quick call with our experts today and you’ll get:


  • A free 10-minute one-to-one chat where you can ask us anything.
  • Advice for improving your daily diet and which products we'd recommend for you.
  • The best tips on product consumption.
  • A follow-up document summarising our discussion and tailored advice.

"I booked my free call with Protein Package, I was super impressed with the amount of effort and time they'd put into finding me the most relevant recommendations for my vegan requirements. I looked around at other websites but decided to proceed with Protein Package and ordered the vegan protein bars and BCAAs they'd suggested to try, they were all healthy, tasty and delivered quickly. I've told my friends about the talk to an expert service and will be 100% using them again in the future."

Forget unreliable product finding quizzes, endless back and forth chat conversations and waiting for email replies to only get bog-standard support like 'trial one of our protein bars to increase your muscle growth'.


These suggestions help nobody, first of all, you need to understand why protein helps muscular hypertrophy through improving muscle synthesis to repair micro-muscle tears from exercise. Next, you need to find a bar suitable for your key goals whether it be gain, lose or maintain weight, and don't get us started on which vitamins, minerals and amino acids you might need packed inside.


There are zero obligations or strings attached, we're simply here to help. If you shop elsewhere afterwards, that's no problem. You'll find our tips, informative recommendations and action plan useful to implement with or without Protein Package's products. If you decide not to order with Protein Package but are happy with your customised advice, we’d be thrilled to have your honest feedback via a company review.


We get results. We continually hear how our advice has helped take their product knowledge and nutrition know-how to the next level. For many users, the subsequent advice enabled them to reach their full potential and ambitions.


  • 96% of people found our help and advice 'very useful'.
  • 79% said they'd spread the word of our free expert service with family and friends.
  • 83% of users became regular Protein Package shoppers after their meeting.


Before booking your call, have a little think about what your key goals are and the type of products you're interested in. Feel free to then answer the quick questions on the booking form below to help us complete our prior research.

  1. 10 minutes with our experts in which you can ask us any questions or queries.
  2. Guidance on which products we'd personally recommend for you.
  3. The best tips for product consumption and enhancing your daily diet.
  4. A follow-up document summarising our conversation and tailored suggestions.
  5. Much more…

Every no-obligation free meeting has a 10-minute timer limit, this is so we can share our expertise with as many people as possible. We also don't want to take too much time out of your busy day.

Our nutritional experts are available to take bookings Monday to Friday between 10:00am until 15:00pm UK time. You can book your time slot using the form below.

No, if you don't feel comfortable having your camera on or would rather chat without it, that's no problem at all.

All our free 10-minute calls are held on the free Google Meet software and online web app. This allows us to chat, share our screen and send links during the call.

That's fine, these things happen. When your call is booked, you'll receive an automated email. From this email, you can easily adjust the time to a more suitable one.

Our free 10-minute calls are for anyone who's looking to enhance their balanced diet or are a little confused by the huge number of different healthy products, ingredients and information available online.

Protein Package is a team full of nutrition specialists, located in the UK and obsessed with getting the best health products from around the world to our customers at great prices. We pride ourselves on offering a one-stop pick and mix solution so that you're not left with the same flavour for weeks and don't need to spend a fortune at your local supplement store or supermarket.


Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people exceed their personal goals and improve their lifestyles through healthy snacking and quality supplementation.