PhD Nutrition Protein SMART Jack range now available!

These high protein flapjacks are a must try! PhD Nutrition really has created a great high protein snack to go alongside the current SMART range.

The brand new SMART Jack range has three mouthwatering flavours for you to indulge without the guilt - it really can now be a cheat day any day.

Blueberry Muffin

Chocolate Peanut

Triple Chocolate

SmartJack™ is the latest addition to the SMART range and is the intelligent way to get your heart-healthy oats and multifunctional protein, both helping to deliver your gym and energy goals, with fewer than 230 calories. With 15g of protein per flapjack, it helps keep your macros in check and satisfy both taste and performance. Add them to your Protein Package™ and make use of our discount system!

Buy 10 5% Off each
Buy 15 10% Off each
Buy 20 15% Off each

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